Friday, January 18, 2008

Britney Spears!!!

I decided to enter the world of blogging just to see what the hoopla is all about! Pretty neat I must say. Find a name, enter a couple of passwords here and there and voila! you are a legitimate blogger!

My friend wanted to know why I chose a screen name that says "manish's mom".

Now that I am a stay at home mom, with all my time taken up by a pesky 22 month old angel, how else would I be able to describe myself? before all those feminists go ballistic about my identity crisis, lemme explain......I had a low powered, (read low paid) computer crunching job at IBM. I deputed ill-mannered, uncouth and greedy software engineers all over the world on projects that saved IBM millions of dollars by deputing these thugs as software engineers. I chucked this delightful job to have my baby and then stayed at home to ensure that this "bundle of joy" was cared for and pampered by a "stay at home mommy".

The bundle of joy needed to be fed once in 2 hours for the first 6 months of its life, cajoled and rocked to sleep, diapers needed to be changed almost hourly, not to mention all those burps, spittings, change of clothes & bathing to be started all over again each day. This left the new mommy with almost no time on her hands and left her cooped up in a room for days on end with only a small bundle of human flesh for company.

So now, 22 months hence with all those months of experience in Manish rearing behind me, I felt that "manish's mom" best described me..................hehehe.................right! thats behind us now....the naming I mean.........

During those divine periods of time when Manish slept, I felt the need for some mindless entertainment and decided to scroll through the gossip rag "People Magazine" website for my daily quota of Hollywood gossip. We are bombarded by "Bollywood" gossip by every self respecting Indian Channel and news channels - with some flashing "Ash-Abhi Holidaying in Jaipur" as BREAKING NEWS!!!! So I dutifully added the People magazine website to my favourites list and religiously cocked an eye at it everyday

Britney Spears is their favourite daughter. Every single thing she does, all those mind numbing nature calls at public washrooms, those late night shopping sprees and the innumerable run ins with the "paparazzi" are well documented, archived and mulled upon with great enthusiasm.

Should one ever experience the sudden urge to know what Britney Spears is doing at this moment, simply log onto People magazine.

How does a 25 year old woman with 2 young adorable children, loads and loads of money, fame, good looks and charm lose it all to become a public joke and circus? What is it that drives this poor publicity seeking whacko to stoop to such levels? Is it that stressful being rich, being waited upon hand and foot, not to mention having all those lunches and dinners in fancy restaurants and shopping almost nonstop everyday? gasp! surely ye jest!

If all this can cause a meltdown in poor li'l Britney, how should all those women in Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine behave? Their homes are bombed, children and families killed, they are beaten and ill treated by their husbands, trudge miles and miles to fetch drinking water, collect firewood to cook their meals and have never heard of economic independence. Yet, you will find millions of these women carrying on their lives with dignity, grace and enormous courage. They don't go around behaving like Britney.........having meltdowns and being carted off to the looney bin in an ambulance.

Surely their lives are harder to bear than this failed pop star and her so called problems!

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