Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well darlings,
I am back to blogging after a while. Each day has had its share of ups and downs and the customary dose of boredom. Of course the best thing is watching my son grow up. I can see different shades to his personality now and the emergence of that most important thing to mankind called an "Ego".
At 2 years and 2 months, Manish now expresses most of the human emotions that we adults have.
He has now learnt that he can charm almost everyone with a lop-sided smile and usually uses it with devastating effect to get himself out of a mischief. He also displays a sense of posessiveness for his mother's belongings and affections and an enviable hero-worship of his father, often clinging to him and following him around like a small faithful puppy.

He is an extremely sensitive child, quick to catch a frown or a smile and shows a lot of resemblence to my sister. She is the sensitive and emotional type.
He has my short temper and it doesn't take much to light that particular fuse.
He resembles his dad in caring, patience and understanding and has the methodical and perfectionist attitude of his paternal grandfather - a trait Manish also shares with my sister and as I watch him grow, I wonder at what kind of human being he will turn out to be.

Will he be the impatient-Gen X-always in a hurry type of guy? or will he be the stop- and- smell the flowers kind of guy? How will he cope with hardship and heart-break? Failure and success?

There are times when I feel inordinately proud of him and there are times when I feel truly scar ed for him. There are times when I want to strangle him and when I want to simply smother him with hugs and kisses and just hold him close forever - shielding him for everything this big bad world can throw at him. There are times when I want to show him the beauty that surrounds us - the flowers in the park, the rain, a butterfly, a bird or just 2 small puppies playing blissfully by the roadside.

Thats when I realise, its not just Manish, learning from the world around him. Its his parents too.
After all - isnt a Child the Father of Man?